Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Congac Leather Skirt Part I Burgundy

This is the first a three part series on this leather flared skirt.  But first, there are a ton of sales going on this weekend and some that have already started.  White House Black Market is having their Friends and Family sale – 25% off your order with free shipping. It officially starts Friday, but if you're on their mailing list you got the email with the code today.  Sephora has 20% off starting Friday too. Ann Taylor has 40% off begining Thursday.  J Crew has 25% off your purchase going on now, and Nordstrom has 40% off fall clearance items now through Friday.  If you've been waiting to buy something it might be a good time.
I bought this cognac leather skirt at White House Black Market last year and have loved it.  I've worn it to work, I've worn it to luncheons, and I've worn it out to diner.  It is available again this year but in a buttery soft beige suede. It is on sale now for $160, down from $300, and with your 25% off on top of that it is a great deal, but sizes are going fast!
This style of skirt is so flattering on hourglass and pear shape bodies.  It isn't slimming on my body shape, which is why I usually stick to straight or pencil skirts, but it is a fun change.  I love the way it moves, and the leather adds some variety to my wardrobe. 
For my first look I've paired it with a burgundy blazer and an animal print tank.  This combination would look great with the current beige version of the skirt as well. I'm wearing burgundy pumps to match my blazer as I usually do. And, I accessorized with a long necklace to lengthen my torso. 
My next post will show this skirt with an emerald green blazer.

 Recreate the look:

Friday, November 4, 2016

Breaking the Rules

I'm breaking the rules again today! I'm wearing white after Labor Day and I'm not matching my shoes to my hemline.

I've posted about this ponte knit white dress before (see initial review here).  You can see it styled here paired with gray, and here for a summery look paired with a coral blazer.  I recently wore it with a jean jacket, turquoise belt and booties for a very casual look that I will post soon.  It's been a great addition to my closet.  I was hesitant when I purchased it.  My stylist from Trunk Club suggested it, and I would never have considered it on my own.  White goes with everything though.  It can look as formal or casual as you want. And, contrary to passé rules, it can easily be worn all year long.

My cropped orange jacket is from J Crew.  It's been in my closet for a couple of years. It is made from a light wool herringbone fabric which helps make my white dress fall appropriate.  You can see it previously styled here with a houndstooth skirt, and here with a denim skirt.  The collarless style is so elegant and easy to wear.

Another passé rule is that your shoes and hemline should match.  Personally, I love the look of matching my shoes to my blouse or jacket, especially if it's a bright color.  I recently purchased these suede orange pumps to go with this jacket and a few other orange things in my closet.  I get lots of complements when I wear them, so that just reinforces my own "match shoes to jacket" rule!

Recreate the look:
White dress: Similar white sheath dress from Nordstrom
Orange pumps: Exact Marc Fisher Pumps
Orange blazer:  similar collarless orange jacket
Purse:  similar pre-owned one that's brown and black

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Friday, October 28, 2016

Leopard Skirt

I'm trying to dress for fall even though the weather still isn't cooperating.  Eventually I'll be able to get my boots out! 

I love this leopard skirt.  I recently saw another lady wearing it with a black silk blouse with billowy sleeves and black pumps; she looked so elegant.  It's a print that works with so many colors.  I've paired this skirt with black, burgundy, brown, beige, green, and pink.  You can dress it down with a white t-shirt and jean jacket, it can take you on a date with a silky black blouse like I described above, or you wear it to work like I'm showing here.

I've paired it here with a mock turtle neck in dark green and my camel blazer.  My suede shooties in dark green repeat the color of my top.  You can see the last time I wore these shoes here.  I added a long strand of cream and brown pearls to help elongate my bust, which is always helpful when wearing high collared tops.

Recreate the look:
Leopard Skirt: WHBM similar
Camel Blazer: J Crew Regent Blazer in Warm Camel
Green Shooties: WHBM Similar save, Similar splurge
Green Mock Turtle Neck: similar

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Bottle Green Ankle Pants

These bottle green ankle pants are from White House Black Market.  They are ponte knit so they are comfortable, yet still appropriate for work.  The matching green suede lace-up shooties are also from WHBM.  I purchased both of these items last year and have really enjoyed them. Bottle green didn't carry over into this year, though. It has been replaced by olive green.  The outfit idea still works paired with olive green pants and booties, so that is what I linked to below.

On top I have a beige and white stipe shell by Laundry. I got it from Neiman's Last Call a couple of years ago and it is still on heavy rotation. It is easy to wear under a blazer for work, but it works well with shorts and jeans on the weekends. I love versatile items.

My blazer from, you guessed it, WHBM, is the perfect topper for the outfit.  It's a longer jacket so it provides the little extra back side coverage which I think is needed for knit pants at work.  See it previously styled here with a dress. The waterfall lapel and collarless style keep this outfit from being boring, although, as we get further into fall I could replace it with my classic camel blazer for a different look.

Recreate the look:

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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Pink and Gray

Pink and gray has been one of my favorite color combinations ever since I was a kid.  I remember having a pink and gray shorts romper with a cut out back when I was in junior high that I wore until it fell apart! 

Pink is everywhere this fall.  Everything from fuchsia to buff are well represented from peppy styles at J. Crew to edgy pieces at Alexander McQueen.  I recently purchased this this pink moto jacket at White House Black Market after searching for the perfect one since April!  Previously, I styled it here with a navy skirt.  Today I'm wearing it with gray, and it is bringing me joy!  It is still fully stocked in petites and regular sizes.

I wore these gray snake skin print pumps with hot pink heels. I got them at DSW in May and they are still available here.  I like the contrasting heel and the snake skin pattern has some blue tones in it as well.  See them previously styled here with a blue leather skirt.

Recreate the Look:
JACKET: Exact WHBM Pink Knit Moto Jacket
SHELL: WHBM Very similar from Ann Taylor, similar with front pleats
SKIRT: WHBM similar from Ann Taylor in ponte knit, comes in black too
SHOES: exact Guess pumps under $40

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Monday, October 17, 2016

Stylebook Closet Update

I've gotten some requests for an update on my Stylebook Closet App statistics. You can see my 30 Day update here, and my initial review of the app here.  I've now used the app every day for 6 months and I still love it. 

If you aren't familiar with Stylebook yet, here's the rundown. If you know it and love it just skip down to my Updates.  It's an app where you can keep track of all of your clothes, create outfits, and keep track of what you've worn when.  If you love data as much as you love fashion you will love this app! If you struggle to come up with new outfits, you'll love this app.  And if you tend to wear the same outfits over and over and want to break out of that habit, you'll love this app.

Getting everything thing uploaded initially is an arduous task. You have to take a picture of everything, and if the background isn't right you'll have to manually edit the photo (I offer some tips here, and there are some tips on their website here as well). Once you have it up and running though it is easy to keep up with. As I buy new things for my real closet and add them to my virtual closet app I just copy the picture from online and add it, it's much easier that way, and often looks better too.

I've also started using the app to track my clothes budget. Whenever I get something new I type in the notes section the month and year of the purchase. At the end of the month I just search for that month and year combo and I instantly see everything I added that month. 

583: Total items in the app
133: Number of items never worn since I started tracking in April (22.4%)
1474: Number of outfit combinations I've created using my own clothes, that is 4 years worth!
62: Number of times I've carried my black Prada hobo, my most worn item, my LV is 2nd at 59
43: Number of blazers in my closet
31: Number of skirts I own
92: Pairs of shoes I have, 38 pairs are heels
61: Necklaces I've worn
13: Handbags I carry

My never worn list is still pretty long at 133 items, but in my defense, a lot of that list is cold weather items. It's still getting up to the 90's here, so except for the few things I wore in Northern Europe over the summer I haven't had an opportunity to wear them. I also have about 20 items for Rodeo season. Yes, that's a thing here in Houston. The Rodeo comes to town for 3 weeks in March, and it calls for a distinctively western wardrobe! 

Some of the other items on the never worn list include 3 white, long sleeve, button down shirts. This app has taught me that I apparently buy these classic shirts, but never wear them, so I'm not going to buy any more. I really love the classic look of a crisp white shirt on others on Instagram and Pinterest, but in reality I'm very uncomfortable in button down shirts and they don't compliment my body type.

I diligently work my Never Worn list.  I really want to get that list down to 0!  There is no point in having something that I never wear, especially since I have 583 items, and 1474 outfits! So each morning when I get dressed I pick out something from that list and give it a go.  If I can't make it work into something I want to wear it goes in the donate pile. 

Here's what I came up with today using that strategy.  This darling top has been on my never worn list since April!  I bought it last year at White House Black Market.  I kept trying to wear it for work, but it just doesn't work under a blazer with the flap down, and with it zipped all the way up it is unflattering on me. I tried it today with cropped jeans and liked it!  Today was the fall festival at my daughters school, this was casual, comfortable, cool (yes it is still 90 here), and easy.  Score!

Recreate the Look:
TOP: White House Black Market, Current version
JEANS: White House Black Market, similar with leather trim but darker wash
SHOES: Converse, similar
BAG: mine is an unknown brand, really cute one with red handles, really cute one with pink accents

If you happen to live somewhere with fall weather you could throw a cute jacket over this and be good to go.  I'm in love with this olive green suede one.

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Thursday, October 13, 2016

Pinstripes and Cobalt

Here are two outfits combining cobalt blue with black.  Even though I'm wearing the same blouse and shoes in both outfits, and both outfits consist of a skirt and blazer combo, they still look different enough and create a different feel. 

My cobalt blue blouse is from Express.  It has vertical pleats down the front which I love.  It also has short sleeves so when it gets warm in the afternoon I can take my blazer off without being self-conscious.

My cobalt and black heels are by French Connection and I got them at DSW.  They are suede with a small platform and remarkably comfortable for their over 4" heel. 

In the first outfit I'm wearing a seasonless blazer from White House Black Market. I bought it last year and it has become one of my favorite blazers.  It has 2 rows of buttons that give it a double breasted look, but actually closes with hidden hook and eyes, so it doesn't have all of that extra fabric that a true double breasted jacket has that can be overwhelming on my short frame.  The sleeves are 3/4 length and there is a slight puff in the shoulder.  Sometimes puffed shoulders make me feel like a football player, but these are subtle enough that it just adds a pretty feminine touch.

My skirt is a black pinstripe that is the bottom half of a two piece suit. I used to always only wear my suits in the pairs they came with.  Then I started hanging the skirts and pants of my suits in one section of my closet and the blazers in a different section.  Doing this instantly increased the number of outfits I came up with because it became easier to mix and match.

My black Prada hobo and blue and white pearls are the finishing touches.

Recreate the look:
Purse Similar
In my second outfit I wore a different black blazer.  This one is Tahari and has a subtle snake print design in the fabric. It has a more classic cut than the one above, but still has the shortened sleeves.  This time I paired it with a straight houndstooth skirt and my Hermes belt. For my necklace I chose my short David Yurman choker, and it gives it a different look from the pearls above.

Recreate the look:
Purse Similar

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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Little White Dress in fall

In August I blogged about the Little White Dress trend (see post here).  It seems like an easy choice in summer, but it can work in fall just as easily.  Back in August I paired this same white dress with a coral linen blazer with matching belt and strappy sandals.  Here, for fall I used the same formula, but with gray as my accent color and more fall friendly materials like these suede peep-toe booties.
I purchased this gray blazer last year at White House Black Market.  I like the updated stand up collar and lapel. It also has two shades of gray (but not 50 tee hee!) which gives it more interest while still being subtle.
You can read my review about my white dress that I got from Trunk Club here.  It's ponte knit so super comfortable.  These pictures are after a full day of work and there are no noticeable wrinkles either.  The label says dry clean only, but I just washed it at home with great results.  It shrunk a tad in length which was fine with me since I felt it was tad long anyway. This exact dress is still available and runs true to size.
These Nine West Booties are my favorite purchase of the year!  Swoon! See how I styled them with lavender pants here, and with a burgundy jacket here.  These exact booties are still available, and true to size.  

Recreate the look here:
Jacket - mine  is old from WHBM, similar 2 tone from JCrew, also this one with stand up collar from JCrew
I use affiliate links in this blog. That means each time you click on a link to a product I get a few cents, even if you don't purchase anything. I have a full time job and I keep this blog purely for fun. All proceeds I make here I donate to charity, so please click away and know it's for a great cause! Many thanks!
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Friday, October 7, 2016

Orange Top and Leopard Print

I like to wear jeans on Fridays when I don't have any client appointments.  I still need to look put together though as a courtesy to others in the office who do have clients coming in.  In outfits like these though, if I'm sitting behind a desk, no one even knows that I'm in jeans. These jeans came from my first trunk club (Trunk Club and jeans reviewed here). They are from AG, and I could wear them every day.  They were an investment, but they are so soft and stretchy, and in this dark wash and straight cut they are classic enough for business casual days.
This is my favorite orange silk top (previously styled hereand here) by Joie, again!  It's been such a fun addition to my wardrobe this fall.  I paired it this time with this cute black blazer. You can't tell in the pictures but it has a subtle snake print design that gives it a little more somethin' somethin'.  I wore my animal print heels and matching belt, and carried my Celine Nano with orange sides, for a great fall vibe.

Recreate the look:
Blazer: mine is old from Tahari, but this one is similar
Top: mine is Joie, here's a similar one also by Joie but with buttons
Jeans: mine are from AG, similar AG jeans from Nordstrom
Shoes: mine are old from Michael Kors, here's his current version

When I got home I changed for dinner. I switched out the blazer for a cardigan and my leopard heels for my leopard wedges (previously reviewed here). I even threw on this little leopard scarf for fun.  I'm always amazed at how just a few subtle changes can change the whole vibe of an outfit.

Recreate the look:
Scarf: mine is so old, here's a really cute one
Cardigan: mine is old from Marshall's, similar 
Top: mine is Joie, here's a similar one also by Joie but with buttons
Jeans: mine are from AG, similar AG jeans from Nordstrom

I use affiliate links in this blog. That means each time you click on a link to a product I get a few cents, even if you don't purchase anything. I have a full time job and I keep this blog purely for fun. All proceeds I make here I donate to charity, so please click away and know it's for a great cause! Many thanks!

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Red Moto Jacket

I wore my polka-dot blouse from my latest Stitch Fix box today.  You can see everything that came in Stich Fix #5 in my last post.  I paired the top with my red ponte knit moto jacket from White House Black Market (previously styled here).  My black pencil skirt is from WHBM also. 
My collection of moto jackets keeps growing.  I think I have four or five now! I'm going to have to do a post just on moto jackets at some point!  I love how this jacket is still knit so it is comfortable like a cardigan.  The crop sleeves, studded moto lapels, and zipper pockets are all fun details. 
The high contrast polka dot tunic is so cheerful while still work appropriate.  The jacket and top can easily be dressed down with jeans for after work errands, I love it when clothes are versatile.  With such a bold pattern on my blouse I kept my shoes and purse simple and classic. 

Recreate the look for yourself:

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Monday, October 3, 2016

Stitch Fix #5 Reveal

I got my latest Stitch Fix.  I know some people get a box every month, but I only sign up for one about every six months.  The big news this month is they are now styling men, so if you have a man in your life who could use some new pieces in his closet, sign him up!
If you're not familiar with Stitch Fix here's how it works:
  1. Start by filling out the Stitch Fix Style Profile and our personal stylists will handpick a selection of five clothing items and accessories unique to your taste, budget and lifestyle. You can buy what you like and return the rest (shipping is free both ways).  Your style profile helps them understand your size, style, shape, budget and lifestyle. It takes maybe 10 minutes.
  2. Pick the date you’d like to receive your shipment - Select a delivery date from the calendar. At the time your Stylist selects your items, you will be charged a $20 styling fee. That $20 will be applied as a credit toward anything you keep from your shipment.
  3. Try everything on in the comfort of your home.  They encourage you to try on everything our Stylists have picked for you because you never know what will look great on. Create new outfits by pairing what’s in your shipment with items that are already in your closet.
  4. Buy what you like and return the rest. Take three days to decide what you’ll purchase and what you’d like to send back. You’re only charged for items you choose to keep when you check out. If you buy all five items, you get 25% off the entire purchase!
  5. Return the items you don't want in our prepaid mailer and drop it into any USPS mailbox.
  6. Leave specific feedback on each item you receive. That way they are able to send you better selections when we know what did and didn’t work for you, and why. This is key, each box I've received has been better than the previous box.
I really like everything in this box. I could keep everything, but I usually try to keep just one or two things each time.

The first thing I unpacked was this Catania Knit Jacket.  If you've been following me for more than a week then you know how I love jackets. This one is cute with a waterfall collar. It's knit so it feels more like a cardigan, and offers some warmth - great for fall/winter. It's a little too long in the sleeves for me, but that's an easy fix, and it has really pretty piping on the back.

Next up is this black with white polka dot tunic.  It's light and airy so it would be a great year round top that I could wear on its own in warm weather and layer in cold weather. It's such a cheerful shirt even in black and white. It has a split neck and tab 3/4 sleeves. I love that it is versatile, I could wear it with jeans or shorts for a more casual look.  I could also pair it with a black skirt and blazer with bright heels for work.

They also sent a pair of purple jeans. They seem more like jeggings since the front pockets are faux, and they are very stretchy and form fitting. This is a great color for fall. I even recently bought a tunic at Nordstrom in the same color that they would go great with.

The second top included is this leopard shell. It is darling, but I already have one...or 3...just like it. So, I'll send it back, but it is cute.  Again its versatile.  It would be cute under a black blazer, or under a jean jacket.

My last item is this black and green color block dress. It is made of Ponte knit that I'm always raving about.  Ponte is a really thick knit that is stretchy and comfortable but holds its shape really well.  I really like the color blocking; the long vertical lines are very sliming on. Unfortunately it was just a little too snug on me, and therefore didn't look great in its own, but I have a jacket in a similar green and the dress looked cute with the jacket. Stitch Fix now has an option where you can exchange the items for a different size if you still want what they sent, but it doesn't fit right.


So what do you think I should keep? I like the purple jeans and don't have anything like them. I love jacket, but this one seems too casual for work so it would just be a weekend jacket. The polka-dot shirt makes me smile and I don't have any anything like it either.
If you'd like to give Stitch Fix a try, click here and fill out your profile.  It's fun!
I use affiliate links in this blog. That means each time you click on a link to a product I get a few cents, even if you don't purchase anything. I have a full time job and I keep this blog purely for fun. All proceeds I make here I donate to charity, so please click away and know it's for a great cause! Many thanks!

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Navy Vest Two Ways

Here I am breaking the rules again by wearing white after Labor Day!

I just got this ink blue vest on sale at White House Black Market.  In fact my whole outfit is from WHBM.  I have this same vest in white that I bought there last year, and love.  This year's version added a belt, which is a great addition.  The belt isn't attached so I can wear it with any of my own belts as well.  This tailored vest projects a similar look as a blazer, but it is much cooler (and yes, we still need that here in Houston, we've started to have some nice mornings, but it is still 90 by noon!). I have it paired here with a white blouse and skirt for work.  In my second look I've paired it with jeans.

This tie front blouse is a little out of the norm for me.  It's a little more feminine than I usually wear, but it's nice for a change.  It took me several times to get the bow just at the right length the last time I wore it.  I returned it to my closet without untying it so today when I put it on I didn't have to fuss with it at all! 

My skirt is in the same soft white as my blouse.  I think that is the key for wearing white in fall and winter - keeping it closer to ivory tones rather than bright white.

Tie neck blouse - White House Black Market, similar, similar
Ink Blue Vest - White House Black Market, exact and on sale
White Skirt - White House Black Market, similar, similar and under $20
Nude Pumps - Louboutin, exact

I wore the dark blue vest again to go to book club.  I started with my favorite, extra-comfy jeans and t-shirt, and added the vest on top.  I grabbed my go-to neutral bag and blue suede cork wedges.  I also tried it with a matching neckerchief.  I felt so Parisian like that, ready for Champs Elysees!
Ink Blue Vest - White House Black Market, exact and on sale
Gray T-shirt - Mossimo from Target, similar from Old Navy
Skinny Jeans - 7 for All Mankind, similarsimilar from Nordstrom under $30, 
Cork Wedges - Stuart Weitzman, exact (I sized down a half size and increased the width, so I wear a 7M 95% of the time, but on these I have a 6.5W)
Purse - Louis Vuitton - exact - pre-owned
Charity - I use affiliate links in this blog.  That means each time you click on a link to a product I get a few cents, even if you don't purchase anything.  I have a full time job and I keep this blog purely for fun.  All proceeds I make here I donate to charity, so please click away and know it's for a great cause! Also, please tell me what your favorite charities are in the comments.  I will donate to the ones that are most popular. Many thanks!