Friday, May 20, 2016

How to Make Louboutins More Comfortable

I have 5 pairs of Louboutins (pronounced loo-boo-ton) in my closet.  These nude Christian Louboutin pumps are my most worn shoe in my closet (my Stylebook Closet App tells me so!).  This particular nude color is perfect for my skin tone and they just blend into my legs, giving me just a tad more visual length.

I have the same shoe in black patent leather too, and wear them almost as often. 

I got married in a darling pair of white satin Louboutins with light blue lined bows. 

I have also two pairs of sky high Louboutins, you know the kind with the high platform and even higher heel that make you feel like you're in pointe shoes! 

While Louboutin's are iconic and can make you feel polished and sharp, they are not known for comfort.  I haven't yet found a way to make the sky high "Loubies" comfy, but I have found a trick for my wear all the time patent leather ones.  Get these rubber half soles put on, it makes all the difference in the world!

It is easy to do. Just take them to your regular shoe repair place where you get your  heel tips replaced. I've heard of people who ship their shoes all over the country to get these put on in just the right shade of red. You don't need to do that, just find an established cobbler. They all carry the same colors of rubber.  

I found my guy by doing a search on Yelp. There were a few reviews from others who had gotten red half soles on their Louboutins, so that's where I went (if you're in Houston it's at Kirby and Richmond near Office Depot). He did have two shades of red on his ring of rubber swatches, but the other one is much more burgundy color, not a primary red.  That little bit of grip on the bottom of the shoe makes them more stable and much easier on your feet.  

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