Thursday, May 5, 2016

Style Book Closet App

Have you tried the Style Book Closet App?  I'm so addicted. 

The app allows you to save all the items in your closet, create outfits, and log when you've worn what.  The app is $4, and while I hate to pay for apps, I think this was the best $4 spent in a long time. 

It does take a long time to take pictures of everything.  I spent several hours one Saturday doing it.  The key is to get a good picture so you don't have to go in and manually edit out the background.  What I ended up doing is throwing a sheet over my shower door and hanging the items there one by one on a clear plastic hanger. I used a navy blue sheet for my light things and a white sheet for my dark things.  Clothes with patterns are sometimes harder. I've read that a green sheet works best, but I don't have a green sheet, so I haven't tried it.

So far I've uploaded 348 items, and I'm not even done yet, yikes! I haven't added any winter clothes and I still have a lot of shoes and accessories to add.  As far as jewelry goes I've only added necklaces, and I think that's my limit.  Adding earrings, bracelets and rings just seems overwhelming to me.

The reason I finally decided to buy the app and go through all the time and effort to upload all my cloths is for the statistics the app provides.  The app will divide what you paid for the item by the number of times you've worn it to give you a cost per wear.  I love that idea!  Over time I'll be able to determine if the bargains I get from buying second hand clothing on eBay is really as good as I think it is, as well as if the expensive things I buy at Nordstrom and Neiman's might be a better deal if I use them more often. So far I'm happy to report that the Prada purse I bought a few years ago, my first folly into the world of designer handbags, is my most worn item for two months in a row now! While intuitively I already knew that, to see the actually statistic makes me love my purse even more.

I love how easy it is to put together outfits.  Yesterday, as I was getting out of my car I saw someone in the parking lot who looked really cute.  I immediately thought of my own similar pieces to what she was wearing, so as I was walking into the building I created a new outfit in the app so I could remember the combination!

This app has helped me get dressed in the morning, also. I will usually search for an outfit that's never been logged to the calendar, or if there is a particular piece of clothing I want to wear I will look search for outfits that contain that item.  I've found it most helpful when getting dressed for different events.  Daily work outfits have always been easy for me, but business casual is sometimes hard, and daytime dressy is always tricky.  I have set up a category for day time dressy so when I have those showers or first communions to go to my app helps me remember all the possibilities.

Last week I used the packing function for the first time.  I had a quick trip to Boston.  In the packing list I added a couple of outfits and then "ta da!" there was the list of everything I needed to pack.  I can't wait to use this for my upcoming Northern Europe vacation in July!

I'm hopeful that the App continues to update the statistics functions.  They could easily add a field to put in the date of purchase.  With that information you could track how long you've kept your items as well as what you've spent each month on your wardrobe.

Let me know if you've tried it and what you like about it.  I'd love to hear how may items you have in your closet - I think I might be a hoarder!


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