Thursday, June 16, 2016

Minimalist Shinimalist!

There's been a real trend towards minimalism in the last few years. Fashion blogs and Pinterest are littered with how to create a Causal Wardrobe, or as some like to claim, how to dress like a French woman.

Then there's Marie Kondo's New York Times best seller that espouses that if you get rid of everything that doesn't spark joy in your life you will free yourself and only greatness will follow.
I've read numerous flow charts to help you decide what to keep and what to ditch. I've tried the system of turning all of your hangers backwards, the hang them back up normally after you wear something and after 6 month you'll be able easily identify what you haven't worn and get rid of it.

I've tried all of these ideas. In January after reading Kondo's book I did a big purge and took six bags to Good Will.  But I still have so many clothes.  When I started using my Stylebook Closet App, and it gave me an actual count of everything in my closet and the combined value...holy cow! 

I really started to weigh on me. The volume of my possessions was making me a little depressed. I started obsessing a little bit about it. Am I too materialistic? Am I a shopaholic? Am I hoarder? 

What is a reasonable amount of clothes to have anyway? Looking at my statistics in my closet app I have 502 items logged. And that's not everything, but it does include bags, shoes, necklaces, belts, and scarves. 

I've been using the app for 2 months. I haven't repeated a work outfit once, and I've only repeated a casual outfit once. Out of my 502 items, I still haven't worn 204 items after 2 months. About 65 of that 204 are winter items, so that doesn't really count. So, I have about 150 items still to wear.  That will probably still take me at least 2 more months to wear everything in season in my closet.

With those 502 items I've created 665 outfits so far, without much effort. If I really tried I could probably get up to 1000 unique outfits. And I'm not splitting hairs here and counting an outfit with different shoes or a different necklace as a different outfit. These are distinctively different outfits.

There's only 365 days in the year, though. I could go over 2 years without ever wearing the same outfit! My mom would say that's obscene (that's also how she describes our Christmases with 100's of presents, hmm maybe my comfort with excess stems from that!)! 

Anyway, I was lamenting to my coworker today about how I need to get rid of half my wardrobe because I have too much and she said, "Who cares?" I thought about that for a moment, and you know what, she's right! Who cares? 

I have the space for my stuff. I don't go into debt buying things. I wear my stuff. Why does it matter that I have too much, and who's to say what too much is anyway? I'm sure it's less than any of the Kardashions!

When I got home I changed out of my work clothes and into errond clothes as I do everyday. I created a new outfit combination that utilized 2 items from my never worn list, and a great pair of wedges that I've owned for years, but have also gone years with never wearing. If I'd had followed all that minimalist advice I would have gotten rid of these shoes years ago. Instead they were the perfect shoes for my outfit today and that brought me joy! 


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A Summer Dress

Today I wore this light pink dress by Tahari. It has pockets! I had no idea how fun it is to have pockets in work clothes until today! I usually keep my pants' pockets sewn up so they lay flat, so it was new for me.

This was such an easy outfit. I'll have to find more dresses that I can wear to work without a blazer. I probably would never have picked this dress out, but my stylist from Trunk Club sent it. Tahari is one of my favorite brands, so I kept it even though I wasn't sure at first. I've actually put it on in the morning a several times before, but always changed into something else. I kept trying to wear a blazer with it before, but now that it's well into summer I felt alright wearing it on its own, and I got a lot of compliments from my colleagues.

Another reason I kept it on today is I wanted to wear these new shoes! They match perfectly! I just got the shoes a few days ago from DSW. They are by Ivanka Trump. This is my 3rd pair of her shoes and they are all eye catching and comfortable.

When I got back to the office this afternoon I set my purse on my desk for some reason. I usually put it in a drawer. My collguege spotted it and started gushing over it. I've always thought that everyone needs at least one Chanel purse, so last year I finally splurged. It's never made it into heavy rotation because it's a purse that generally takes two hands to get anything into or out of. It is so elegant though, and goes with everything!