Friday, July 1, 2016

Stitch Fix #4

I got my latest box from Stitch Fix. Have you ever tried it?  It like having a personal stylist drop off clothes at your front door.  I love the idea of a surprise box of clothes showing up on my door step full of things that are my style and size, but...I'm not willing to pay more for the service. I've read so many blogs about people who love Stitch Fix, but my experience has just been ok.

My biggest disappointment has been the price for the quality of some of the items. In this latest box I received 2 blouses that would have been $20 or less at TJMaxx or Marshall's. You can even get great blouses at Nordstrom for under $30 when they are on sale. So for Stich Fix to charge $60 for a similar quality item, I just can't get excited about that.

I have kept some lovely dresses that were a little more expensive, but also a higher quality and the price felt more fair, so for me it's been hit or miss.  The people who have more luck tend to have a more casual wardrobe over all.  If I've peaked your curiosity try it out: Stitch Fix

Anyway, here's what was in my box this time.

Brixon Ivy Sylvester Split Neck Blouse $54
This was a pretty blouse, but the fabric was bleh, and I don't need one more top in my closet!

Another cute top, I would have kept it for $20 or less, but not for over $50. 

I loved this blazer.  I asked for blazers and skirts in this fix.  The stylist probably saw all my blazers in this color on my Pinterest boards, but I already have 3 blazers in this color.  If they had sent it in any other color I would have kept it.  The $80 price tag seemed appropriate for the quality.

This was once of the skirts they sent.  It has an ethnic black and cream print.  It is very stretchy, doesn't even have a zipper, and isn't lined.  I like that is can be dressed down with a t-shirt like this, but I can also pair it with a blazer for work.  Still I thought it was a little pricy $68 for what it was.

This was another skirt they sent.  It was the same brand as the one above.  You can't tell in this picture but it was a dark blue with a lattice texture.  It was very pretty, but a little long on me and bunched up when I walked. 

So that is my 4th Stich Fix box.  I generally try to just keep one item from each box, I kept the black print skirt this time.  It's very tempting to keep more, but since reading Marie Kondo's book about the magic of tidying up, I'm much more picky about what I keep.

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