Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Black and White with Bright Shoes

Black and white is so easy to wear and always looks professional.  I love to pair bright shoes with my black and white outfits to make them more interesting. 
The wrap blouse is the Deneuve from MM La Fleur (exact.) I love it because it is sewn all the way up in the front, so I'm not adjusting it all day, and I can lean over without worrying about flashing anyone.  I love the bracelet length sleeves, it drapes beautifully, and it is wash and wear, so worth the higher price tag if you ask me.  It comes in 3 colors, they sell out often but also restock often.
This pencil skirt from White House Black Market. It's from last season, but I'm still wearing it.  The black horizontal stripes on the sides are so slimming, and its made a super soft knit so it is comfy all day long.
Shoes are Christian Louboutin that I actually scored on one of those Facebook swap pages!
I don't often wear these shoes to work.  I think of them as more of a "date night" shoe, but it's summer and there's hardly anyone in the office these days so I can get away with it. Besides I'm meeting a girlfriend for dinner tonight in the new swanky River Oaks District, so they're perfect for that.
***Update: This ended up being the perfect girls night out outfit.  I stopped in the Dior store on the way to the restaurant and the ladies in the store swooned over my shoes!  My friend told me I looked fabulous too. :)

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