Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Spring Transition

Texas doesn't really have distinct seasons.  We pretty much just have summer and not summer.  Even so, I still try to be mindful of seasons when choosing an outfit even when the temperature doesn't require it.  Yes, it is probably just an excuse to have more clothes and shoes, but it keeps me from getting bored with my outfits. I did give up shopping for Lent though, so I won't have any new clothes or shoes to show you until after Easter!

As we transition into spring I'm trying to lighten things up both with colors and fabrics without pulling out white linen jackets and colorful sandals just yet.  I think this is a great transition outfit for early spring, and it would also work well in early fall.  The dark red skirt and suede cage heels lean towards cool weather while the oatmeal crop jacket and silk dot shell are more warm weather pieces.  It's this balance that makes great transitional looks.


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