Friday, September 23, 2016

Happy Friday

I blogged about this dress before. I like to wear it on Fridays because the heathered navy fabric makes me feel like I'm in denim. I tend to wear this dress with the same formula too: bright blazer and matching shoes.

I wasn't going to post this outfit since it is so similar to this one from a couple of weeks ago (see post here), but I got so many compliments today so I decided to post anyway. There's just something about a bright pink jacket and matching shoes that makes people smile.

Have you seen all the great new pink items at J. Crew? They have a three shades of pink items, and the bright pink is called Wild Flamingo. I'm smitten! I might have to get this skirt or this jacket.

Pink jacket - Tahari, similar
Navy dress - Dalia, similar, similar
Pink Sandals - Kelly & Katie, similar, similar, similar

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