Thursday, May 12, 2016

Stylebook Closet App after 30 days

I've officially been using the Stylebook app for 30 days now, and still love it. I faithfully log my outfits daily. As I mentioned in my first Stylebook Closet App post, the reason I finally purchased the app and started using it was for the stats it provides. As a data lover I knew I would learn valuable information, and I have.

I'm up to 362 items uploaded, and yes, I'm still adding. At this point I mostly shoes, bags, and necklaces left to upload and I just add them as I wear them.  Here's something that blows my mind though, I have 194 tops and 68 dresses.  That equals 13,192 different combinations without even counting how different shoes, accessories, or jackets can change up a look.  And it doesn't include dresses either.  Obviously not all of those combinations would be great or even wearable, but still, I think I have too many clothes!

The first thing that stands out to me is that after this first 30 days is that I have worn 147 items out of the 362, or 40%.  That's a whole lot more than I thought I would have.  I do still have 215 items I haven't worn, which seems like a lot though. I'm really going to be strict with myself and if something hasn't been worn in 6 months I am going to get rid of it.

In the first 30 days I've found that I wear this pair of orangey-red ballet flats, that I purchased 2 years ago at Target, all the time. I wear them so often that in 30 days the cost per wear is down to $2. They are falling apart and I should really throw them away, but given how much I wear them I think I'll replace them first. As I search for a replacement pair I plan on upgrading as well, since I know I will wear the heck out of them. Maybe I can find a cute pair by Tory Burch.

The other thing I've learned from this fabulous app is I carry my Louis Vuitton bag quite a bit. It is the first LV bag I ever purchased and I bought it second hand for $500. I've been wanting a new one. Specifically this one,
but I haven't been able to rationalize the purchase. Now, seeing how much I carry my first one, I know I would certainly get my money's worth out of it. Although, if I'm going to buy another designer bag, I've had my eye on a Dior bag and a YSL bag too. Oh, and then there's that Valentino Rockstud that I've been adoring. many bags, so little dough.

I dying to hear from other people who have embraced this app.  How many items have you uploaded?  What features do you use the most?  Does it help you plan what to wear/pack/buy?

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