Friday, July 1, 2016

Sometimes Custom Made isn't Great

This isn't actually a suit. The blazer is from Brooks Brothers. I have the matching skirt to make it a great summer suit, but it is a little tight on me right now (the struggle is real!). I paired it with this tan pencil skirt from White House Black Market today, for a little more casual look, and because it fits!

My French Blue blouse I had custom made in Thailand.  That's a thing there, there's a tailor on every corner. You can get beautiful clothes custom made for a fraction of the cost. My sister and I vacationed there several years ago. You can read about the trip on our travel blog, Two Traveling Blondes.

Unfortunately, my custom made blouse didn't turn out quite like I hoped. I took my favorite shirt for them to copy, but my shirt was a knit material and the tailor didn't have any stretchy fabric to choose from, so I picked out this silk in my favorite blue to try. The blouse doesn't work as well without the stretch. I have to wear a cami under it, as you can see, for both the front and the underarms, which gives it a much more casual appearance. It looks fine under a blazer for summer, but I usually pair it with jeans or shorts for a polished but casual weekend look.

My nude Louboutins round out today's outfit. They look custom made for me too! I don't think you could match my skin color any better! I knew I wore these shoes a lot, but since getting my Stylebook Closet App, I've found out that they are well worth the price tag, as they are the most worn shoes in my wardrobe.

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