Monday, February 13, 2017

Two Outfits, One Formula

I definitely have a couple of outfit formulas that I wear most often.  Jacket with straight skirt statement shoes is what I wear most work days.  That is closely followed by the very similar jacket with ankle pants and statement shoes.  Here are two outfits that are the same formula, even the same color palette, yet different.

Both outfits pair my favorite black ankle pants with a black jacket.  Since I love shoes, and I love outfits that are all about the shoes, ankle length pants are my favorite work pants because they allow the shoes to be fully seen.  They are also very comfortable and I've been wearing them on weekends instead of jeans to elevate my look as well. 

In this first outfit I added a bright pink blouse and black Hermes belt. This outfit is a bit less casual than the second.  The jacket is a little more tailored, the solid color shirt is more businessy, and the classic belt are all more professional than the second look.  This outfit I started with the shoes and picked out the rest of the outfit to go with them. In the second outfit I started with the floral blouse and went from there.

I fell in love with these embroidered heels as soon as I saw them.  I liked them even more after spending a day in them and realizing how comfortable they are.  I usually wear shoes with slim heels, and I really noticed a difference in these. My sister always tells me how chunky-heel shoes are more comfortable, I just never believed her!


Here's a close up of the shoes.  They are still available at White House Black Market.

Embroidered Chunky Heels

This second outfit is the same black ankle pants with a slightly different black jacket.  I could have worn the same jacket though.  A few days ago my daughter asked me why I have so many black jackets and I honestly had no good reason to give her! I do wear and enjoy them all, even if I do need to take a course in minimalism!

This time I paired them with a floral peasant blouse. Floral prints are hit or miss with me.  There are a lot that I really do not like.  If the print is too small, or the colors too muted then I stay away.  The pattern on this blouse is a medium size and has enough vibrancy to not look matronly to me.

I finished the outfit off with these pink sandals that have been in my closet for a while and a matching pink belt.


Which is your favorite?  Do you have any go to outfit formulas that you use regularly?


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